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Does Delivery Matter?

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When it comes to enjoying a fine wine, what I have found is that a fine wine glass can make all the difference in ones enjoyment of a wine experience. A few weeks back, I was introduced to a new App for my Iphone4 called “WineSnob”.  It provides me the... more

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Perfect Pastry Rounds

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Round Cake Ring

How many times have you had a recipe where it says cut a circle out of your pastry especially for smaller tarts? For a four (4) inch tart you would want a six (6) inch cutout. Your options are to roughly cut it out, grab a compass, or find some... more

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Equipment Review – Garlic Peeler

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Garlic peeler

The most common method for peeling a garlic is placing a garlic clove flat side down on a hard surface like a cutting board. The next step is to grab your chef knife and place it flat side down on the clove with it closer to the handle than the... more

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Equipment Review – Champagne Saver

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Champagne Saver and Pourer

Champagne lovers have a reason to rejoice over this Champagne Saver & Pourer from Vacu Vin. I picked this up as a stocking stuffer for the sous chef over the holidays. We have only one true champagne drinker in our house. This often lead to a good portion of the... more

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Equipment Review – Muffin Tins

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Wilton Avanti Everglide Metal-Safe Non-Stick 12 Cup Muffin Pan

It was time to replace our standard muffin tins. The existing muffin tins were functional but were looking, well let’s just say not very pretty and a little rusty. I guess if we were using muffin wraps or cups they would still work fine. However we typically bake our muffins... more

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