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Seven Deadly Sins Dinner Party

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Planning for this Halloween themed dinner party was a riot.  I thought that coordinating 7 people to wear a different costume, each representing one of the deadly sins would be tough.  The fact that it was not is a testimony to how fabulously enthusiastic the group was that assembled this... more

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Does Delivery Matter?

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When it comes to enjoying a fine wine, what I have found is that a fine wine glass can make all the difference in ones enjoyment of a wine experience. A few weeks back, I was introduced to a new App for my Iphone4 called “WineSnob”.  It provides me the... more

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Perfect Pastry Rounds

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Round Cake Ring

How many times have you had a recipe where it says cut a circle out of your pastry especially for smaller tarts? For a four (4) inch tart you would want a six (6) inch cutout. Your options are to roughly cut it out, grab a compass, or find some... more

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Letting the Dough Slide

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Cooking Spray

A stand mixer with a dough hook does a remarkable job of saving time and hand work when making bread. However, as the blender mixes the dough it will often climb onto the hook and never be properly kneaded. If you lightly grease the dough hook in advance with a... more

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Holding cheese

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I have over the years acquired name plates for cheese on a cheese platter but the hard cheeses are still hard to slice without placing a finger on the cheese. A definite No No!  The Easoms of Astoria suggest using corn cob holders to solve the problem.  Works wonders. more

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