Perfect Pastry Rounds

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Round Cake Ring

How many times have you had a recipe where it says cut a circle out of your pastry especially for smaller tarts? For a four (4) inch tart you would want a six (6) inch cutout. Your options are to roughly cut it out, grab a compass, or find some other utensil. Last time I looked I did not have any biscuit cutters that were six (6) inches in diameter. Oh but is that true?
Round Cake Ring

Last week while preparing some (4) inch lemon tarts I saw what I needed among my tart rings. Why not use a six (6) inch cake ring. It is like a huge biscuit cutter without the handles. The idea began a good tip and I realized an assortment of cake molds could become large pastry cutters. It just looks so clean and neat compared to my rough cuts in the past. Put your perfect six (6) inch pastry on your four (4) inch tart pan, press, roll and trim and you have a perfect looking pastry tart ready for cooking.

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