Toast Shells 2

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  • Yield : 48
  • Servings : 12

A snazzy alterative to crackers


  • 12 slices sandwich bread
  • butter, softened
  • seasoned salt or garlic powder


Step 1

Cut crusts from the bread then flatten each slice individually with a rolling pin until thoroughly squashed. Spread each with a little soft butter then sprinkle lightly with a little seasoned salt or garlic powder. Cut each slice into four evenly sized squares then place each butter side down in tiny muffin tins. Press each one down firmly the toast at 350F for 10 to 15 minutes until crisp and golden brown. Cool on wire racks. Leave to crisp up for several hours at room temperature, then store like melba toasts. The butter adds a little extra flavour and helps the bread to brown but can be omitted if counting calories.

Step 2

To serve place the shells on a serving platter; then fill with any dip or spread hot or cold. These shells will stay crisp for an hour or two after filling. They look good decorated with a slice of stuffed olive, a piece of walnut or almond, a little sprig of an herb.

Step 3

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