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“Il Profeta” Restaurant – Awesome Food Firenze Style

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It was our last night in Florence.  Knowing that I would leave my traveling companions at 5 am for long day of trains, planes and automobiles back to Canada, I very nearly settled for an apple and yogurt and a good night’s rest rather than venture out for dinner.  After... more

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Italy-Pienza for Lunch and Pecorino Cheese

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June 14 Another road trip into Tuscany to explore the countryside and various towns. Pienza is first on the list. It is known for the significant renaissance makeover at the direction of Pope Pius II as this was his birthplace. Driving through the countryside of rolling hills we turn a... more

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Italian Chocolate Bread Pudding

Italian Bread Pudding and Chocolate Sauce

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Ever since we spied this recipe on the cover La Cucina Italiana in April 2009 ...

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Limoncello Mint Cocktail

Limoncello Mint Champagne Cocktail

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One of our Memorial Day drinks was a Limoncello mint champagne cocktail. A very seasonal ...

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Meg's Marvelous Marinara

Meg’s Marvelous Marinara

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As simple yet delicious tomato based sauce that is perfect for any pasta.  We prefer ...

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