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St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

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It is that time of the year again. Here are some recipes to consider from ...

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St. Patrick's Day Patty Melt

Grilled St. Patty Melt

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner bringing thoughts of corned beef, cabbage, and ...

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King Cake Cupcakes – Mardi Gras

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It is Mardi Gras party time and the next recipe in our king cake lineup. ...

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King Cake – Babka Almond

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This year we are attempting three versions of king cake recipes. The styles range from ...

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Chocolates for Valentines Day

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Semi-sweet chocolate with soft mint centers

Happy Valentines Day everyone! This blog will be brief with a follow-on discussion of my trials and experience in the world of chocolates. However, as you can see the end results were acceptable. Bittersweet ruby red lip stick lips and red hearts on semi-sweet dark stole the show. A semi-sweet... more

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