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caramel apple salad

Caramel Apple Salad

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This dish is like eating a caramel apple without getting messy and having caramel stick ...

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Pavlova Fruit


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Created in Australia as the culinary expression of the ethereal dancing of legendary Russian prima ...

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Pine Nuts – Return but at a High Price

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Pine Nust

It is the summer season here and the basil is growing and wilting a bit under our unusually hot summer. Once we have basil we begin to think pesto and that requires pine nuts. For the past month we have been in search for pine nuts. Our bulk option has... more

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Deep Fryer Equipment

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Deep Fryer

Our Krups deep fryer appears to be headed to the recycling bin. After many, many years of excellent service something broke and the back connection was falling off etc… Of course my first question was do we really need a deep fat fryer. Fatty foods should not be on the... more

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Making Vinegar

Making Dill Mint Garlic Vinegar

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Herb infused vinegars are great tasting and good for you. In previous posts, I have ...

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