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Yin and Yang Dinner for Two – Valentine’s Day (Part 4)

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Ebony and Ivory Martini 1 Martini Drip chocolate sauce into chilled martini glasses and keep ...

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Does Delivery Matter?

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When it comes to enjoying a fine wine, what I have found is that a fine wine glass can make all the difference in ones enjoyment of a wine experience. A few weeks back, I was introduced to a new App for my Iphone4 called “WineSnob”.  It provides me the... more

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Darcie’s Deathly Devil’s Night

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MENU First Chance Salad of Graveyard-Grown Herbs, Pear, Congealed Pomegranate Flesh, Candied Pecans, Mouldy Cheese ...

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Lobster and Shrimp Cocktail Extraordinaire

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The head chef of our family and my wife, Heather Ann, had a birthday approaching ...

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Limoncello Mint Cocktail

Limoncello Mint Champagne Cocktail

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One of our Memorial Day drinks was a Limoncello mint champagne cocktail. A very seasonal ...

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