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Poutine flavored Soda. What is next?

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Amazing is all I can say about the Jones company announcing a Poutine flavored soda. My taste buds are quivering at the thought. What is next a Dunns smoked meat sandwich soda? Ok so I want some feedback here on this and can someone find a bottle and send it... more

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Yin and Yang Dinner for Two – Valentine’s Day (Part 4)

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Ebony and Ivory Martini 1 Martini Drip chocolate sauce into chilled martini glasses and keep ...

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Morimoto’s Restaurant Review

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Earlier this fall, we had the opportunity to take a short trip to Washington DC, ...

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Limoncello Mint Cocktail

Limoncello Mint Champagne Cocktail

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One of our Memorial Day drinks was a Limoncello mint champagne cocktail. A very seasonal ...

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American Flag in Wind

Memorial Day Menu

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Each holiday brings the opportunity to entertain family and friends and memorial day here in ...

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