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St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

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It is that time of the year again. Here are some recipes to consider from ...

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Portland – More Brew Pubs and Food

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Stream between falls Multnomah Falls area

This is our food travel summary wrap up blog on our remaining gastronomical adventures etc in the Portland, Oregon, and surrounding area. It was a wonderful visit and our hikes in the mountains lead us to some wonderful falls and fresh air that I wish I could bottle and sell... more

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Portland Oregon – Beer Pubs and Cuisine

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Beer Flights Bridgeport Ale House

We arrived for a family visit and vacation in Portland, Oregon yesterday. The flight in provided us a splendid view of the rugged mountainous landscape covered in evergreen and cut by the mighty Columbia river. During our visit, we plan to explore the city with our family tour guide (Alison)... more

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