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Letting the Dough Slide

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Cooking Spray

A stand mixer with a dough hook does a remarkable job of saving time and hand work when making bread. However, as the blender mixes the dough it will often climb onto the hook and never be properly kneaded. If you lightly grease the dough hook in advance with a... more

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Oatmeal Cookies

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For years oatmeal cookies were an inexpensive snack for children coming home from  school; but ...

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Coconut 4-Layer Cake

Coconut 4-Layer Cake

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Here is the best coconut cake we have ever tasted. The toasted coconut brings out ...

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Silicone Baking Mats ( Silpat )

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I was an early adopter to using silicon baking mats. It saved me a lot of effort on cleanup and no more burnt cookies. My challenge has always been storing our 4 mats. They just flop around in a mess with the other baking items in the cabinet. A tip... more

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Pie Crust Additives

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I read cooking magazines and listen to cooking shows a lot so I never know where the ideas come from but here is one for you to try in your kitchen. Next time you make pie crust add some dry or finely chopped fresh herbs for savory pies and some... more

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