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We have been absent from posting lately for a variety reasons. Life has been crazy and as always our time in spring is consumed by our gardening.

In our gardens we installed a new growcamp raised bed which is a mini greenhouse/cold frame. It produced a mother load of salad greens, Swiss chard and radishes. The squash and cucumbers are now just beginning flower so fruit is only days away. Now with the greens out of the way green beans should be sprouting soon.

Of course the growcamp is only a part of the gardens. Having grown over 800 seedlings they needed a home. Between the regular gardens and over 100 pots most are now planted and the gardens are beginning to show their color.

We are looking forward to a bountiful year of produce and will keep you posted. I hope the screens on the growcamp will keep the evil squash vine borer at bay.

Next up…. The sites and gastronomical experiences of Italy.

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