St. Patrick’s Day Recipes



It is that time of the year again. Here are some recipes to consider from our archives and others we have found across the internet. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day if you celebrate.

Grilled St. Patty’s Melt ” A quick and easy meal ”

Corned Beef Hash ” Historical recipe form of this dish. Simple ”

Corned Beef Hash and Root Vegetables ” For those seeking gourmet corned beef meals ”

Irish Mug Trifle ” We love trifles and this is different ”

Irish Lamb Stew ” Something you can prepare in advance and have ready later ”

Irish Soda Bread ” Does bread get more simple than this?

Aussie Rolls ” A great pickup item at a party or breakfast item ”

Corned Beef Florentine “Another great use for left over corned beef ”

Shrimp Cooked in Beer “Use and Irish beer for this one ”

Cabbage Rolls “We had to have something with cabbage! ”

Cornish Pasty ” It is said that the early Irish Catholic Priests created them in order to transport food as they walked about the countryside preaching and aiding the people.”

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes “Watch your step after eating these ”

Baileys Irish Creme Truffles “For the chocolate lovers ”

Irish Bread Pudding ” For Dessert ”

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