Cookie Trials 2010 – Mosaic Cookies


At long last, my own account! I am free…free at last!  So, I guess I should get back to this year’s cookie trials.  These cookies were made last night but require time to set so it gave us just a little bit of sweetness in the morning.

Mosaic Cookies are an old family tradition, created by my Grandma, Heather for my dad and his brothers.  The recipe can be found on the site, but you will note that this year we did some changes that I have noted below.  Let me tell you, these are some great tasting and looking cookies. The contras of the coloured marshmallows and the chocolate make it a splendid addition to any Christmas cookie tray.

Mosaics are easy to make and the result is a sweet delicious cookie that will give dramatic colour to any plate in the room. Everyone has made a s’more once in their life, right? …With 2 gram crackers and in the middle in one smoking hot marshmallow and some chocolate? Well, this cookie is a Christmas cousin of the s’more. Unlike a s’more that you eat and drip on yourself around a campfire, these cookies are cool, or room temperature so make a great treat for your guests.

This recipe is a real keeper, as voted by us  kids.  My dad on the other hand found them a little too sweet but I think that just comes from age.

While the recipe does not tell you, once you have rolled them in the graham cracker crumbs, you need to wrap them very tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or overnight.  Once the roll is firm, you can slice into cookies.  As I said, the recipe if on the site but I made some changes.  I doubled up the chocolate chips, butter, eggs and icing sugar to give more chocolate glue to get the marshmallows to stick together better.   The alternative would be to half the number of marshmallows; either way I think you need more chocolate than the original recipe recommends.  Finally, I am not a huge fan of nuts so, while the recipe calls for nuts, I substituted them with Score Toffee Bits; perhaps this is why my Dad found them a little too sweet and the kids loved them!

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  1. posted by Stuart on December 18, 2010

    These look great! I will have to see if we have time to make them this year.

  2. posted by Shelley Bezler on December 18, 2011

    These are absolutely fantastic, My friends mowed these down in less than a half hour. Going to try Lemon ginger bars now. Yummy!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  3. posted by Susan on December 16, 2016

    Please, where is the recipe for mosaic cookies?

  4. posted by admin on December 17, 2016

    Hello Susan,

    You can find that here

    The easiest way to locate a recipe is using the recipe search bar.

    Enjoy and happy holidays.



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