Cookie Trials 2010 – Butter Tarts


For all the southerners out there, think Pecan Pie…switch up the pecans for raisins and you now have the Canadian Tradition…the “Butter Tart”.

It has been a wonderful hit at the Christmas table for the family for years. These goooy tarts of goodness could get anyone out of a bad mood.  Butter Tarts are so popular in Canada, you can find them year round in most grocery stores. However, homemade butter tarts have the flavours that are so well blended and rich; Why would you ever think of going to the store and getting the cold, plain, dry, butter tart! With not a lot of effort, you can make your own and get a warm, soft, chewy, flaky goodness that is melt in your mouth good.

This dessert isn’t always for Christmas, but it’s one of the family favourites! My kids Great-Grandma Brown’s recipe is a big hit throughout the family and to friends that come over and try one (Usually not just one). These butter tarts are a great treat for all ages, and are fun to make with kids! What a great sugar kick after a day of holiday shopping!  Without a doubt the tarts make the cut line and will remain a staple for the Christmas Cookie Platter.

Great-Grandma’s recipe can be found on the site, both the butter tarts and pastry recipes.   For those of you that can not break away from the southern hospitality, the recipe can easily substitute raisins for pecans.  And for those that simply want a real sugar kick and nothing else, you can even forgo the raisins which will result in the Quebec tradition, the sugar tart.  However, you have them, traditional, southern or french-canadian…I hope you enjoy them and have a great Christmas!

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