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Italy in June -The Beginning

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Before we start let it be known that this will be Series 1 of a two part Series. Stuart and Elaine will travel Italy for two weeks in June followed by my brother Jay’s travels to Italy in July. Enjoy. June 11, 2011 Our journey to Italy has begun and... more

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L’Espalier – Restaurant Review

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L’Espalier 774 Boylston Street Boston, MA I wanted to find an elegant French restaurant with a tasting menu in Boston for a recent birthday dinner for two.  I settled on L’Espalier, despite reviews that their previous location was more intimate, more glamorous, and more traditional.  Anyway, most reviews had raved... more

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Restaurant Review Emerils at Universal

By: wclaggett | 1 Comment | | Category: Food Travel, Reviews

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Emerils” at Universal Theme Park with my family. We had no idea what to expect but soon realized it was not New Orleans. The restaurant was pleasant and service good but the maitre d’ may have just as well stayed in his office... more

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Morimoto’s Restaurant Review

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Earlier this fall, we had the opportunity to take a short trip to Washington DC, ...

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Portland – More Brew Pubs and Food

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Stream between falls Multnomah Falls area

This is our food travel summary wrap up blog on our remaining gastronomical adventures etc in the Portland, Oregon, and surrounding area. It was a wonderful visit and our hikes in the mountains lead us to some wonderful falls and fresh air that I wish I could bottle and sell... more

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