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Cookie Trials 2010 – Butter Tarts

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For all the southerners out there, think Pecan Pie…switch up the pecans for raisins and ...

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Cookie Trials 2010 – Snickerdoodles

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I’ll be rockin’ your taste buds with this adaptation to the traditional yet delicious sugar ...

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Dessert Pizza

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First…Let me wish all the Americans in the crowd… Happy Thanksgiving!! Well, this is not ...

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Morimoto’s Restaurant Review

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Earlier this fall, we had the opportunity to take a short trip to Washington DC, ...

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Does Delivery Matter?

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When it comes to enjoying a fine wine, what I have found is that a fine wine glass can make all the difference in ones enjoyment of a wine experience. A few weeks back, I was introduced to a new App for my Iphone4 called “WineSnob”.  It provides me the... more

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