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While everyone has been watching the Olympics…

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…I have been pondering what to select from my short, but sweet, menu.  There is ...

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This is where the magic happens…

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The Infamous Stove

I’m not sure my cooking can be qualified as “magical” quite yet, but this is where I spend my time trying to figure out what items are actually usable for making a decent meal, sometimes better than decent.  I find something new about the kitchen every time I use it,... more

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Pasta à la Portland

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Pasta has become our favorite dish here.  No competition, so far…  I’m not sure if ...

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Living in Portland, learning to cook…

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2010 will be a year of  new experiences.  So far, I’ve started with cooking.  I graduated from school and set flight to Portland, OR.  I’m trying to become a liberated chef, now that I don’t have the luxury of family cooking.  Luckily, I’ve moved to a city that encourages culinary... more

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