Keeping our Oceans Sustainable – Eat the right Fish

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Today the Washington Post featured an article “Guides to sustainable fish can help in deciding which seafood to eat”. To ease your desire to be more sustainable they suggest that you look for products carrying a reputable sustainability certification

The basic principles here are:

1. First, the fish population from which the fishery is drawing must be either steady or growing on a year-to-year basis.

2. The fishery must not adversely impact the larger marine ecosystem.

3. The fishery must be well managed.

Monterery Bay Aquarium provides a great guide to reference for your choices beyond the actual provider.

The original article from the Washington Post can be found here. Personally I took exception to the introductory paragraph attacking meat eaters. There was no place for that in this article. Fish is a good alternative for many, but its popularity has created the same poor breeding conditions for many species farmed. There is little to no follow up on that message.

A great cookbook on this subject follows and a recipe from this book can be found

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