Bon Appetit May 2013 Article Review

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Bon Appetit May 2013 Cover

Bon Appetit magazine just published their May 2013 issue and we are sharing our thoughts on their articles. A separate post discusses the recipes and our favorite picks from this Bon Appetit issue. I have to say that the cover image got my heart racing. We like our pancakes and these looked superb. The only downside to them is the incorporation of four separate flours. It is tough to get over our current favorite pancake recipe but I am very tempted to give these a try.

Bon Appetit May 2013 Cover

Bon Appetit May 2013 Article Highlights

10 Best Food Lover’s Hotels in America

I always find it suspect when an article starts with 10 best. With magazines you are never sure if it is placement or not. This is especially true with travel magazines. Overall I was not inspired by this article. Personally I don’t think about hotel and food together. I find a hotel and then find a great local restaurant to visit while travelling.Undecided

Just Picked -April Bloomfield is known for her meaty gastropub fare, but it’s the Hudson Valley’s vibrant produce that makes the chef giddy.

A short and concise article with good images and recipes. We will put two on our growing list of recipes. The interesting spin is having a contributor known for meats talking vegetables.Wink

No Last Call… No Sleep… No Stopping…

Follow two New York chefs on a wild, tipsy eating marathon through the new New Orleans. -by Brett Martin

Typically I glaze over articles on New Orleans. Not a great fan of the city but I have enjoyed some good meals there. What caught my attention here was the recipe for blue crab beignets. At first I was shocked that someone would take a lovely beignet and corrupt it with blue crab. I like my sweets and that was not something I would want to have next to my chickory coffee. Digging further I began to see the method to the madness and how this might be an interesting twist on a beignet. Surprised

Go Fish

Grillmaster Adam Perry Lang retreats to the wilds of Idaho for a weekend of fly-fishing and epic campfire cooking with friends.-by Jon Gluck

Not a big fish eater so based on the title I was surprised by the contents. The pictures were well done and it is interesting how everything is getting a bit of instagram look. There were many recipes worth looking at here including a peach moonshine and all purpose salt seasoning. Strips steaks with onion marmalade; now we are talking. Take a good look at these recipes.Smile

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Chef Gabrielle Hamilton road-trips across the South, getting herself invited into people’s kitchens in her search for the soul of the home cook.

I am not a big fan of these type of articles. It is like a written reality show or following a persistent twitter or facebook account where they want to share every miniscule moment of their lives. For me it became an immediate skip to the recipes to see what was worth exploring. The Laurie Osteen coconut cake was the only take away from this although I already have some coconut favorites.Undecided

The BA Arsenal

As American as diner-style banana cream pie. This one pager caught my eye with a great picture. The recipe looks good too.Smile

The BA Q & A

Mario Batali’s air travel rule: Carry on everything, but check the ravioli.
Nothing special here. Ending it with a vomit statement was hmm…interesting for a food magazineFrown

The Itinerary

Really frequent flier Matt Gross on the tastiest things to eat (and drink) in the air.

Skipped it

The ChallengeSmile

Hot sauce goes from condiment to ingredient in three inventive recipes.

Short and sweet (actually hot) one pager for the hot sauce lover. All the recipes worth a look.

The Providers

A salad to erase family vacation’s glorious gluttony. -by Jenny Rosenstrach and Andy Ward

This caught our attention. All we could think of with this was crunch. I decided it was worth trying. It was good and healthy but seemed to lack something. It is hard to get excited about raw cabbage.Undecided

The Buy

These road-trip essentials will have you cruising in style.Frown
Nothing special here but overpriced items.

The Takeaway

A short highlight on the focus of breads at today’s restaurants. It always leaves a lasting impression when we dine out.Smile

The Wine Insider

David Lynch explains the real appeal of natural wine.Wink

The Definitive

One Caesar salad to rule them all.
A classic and the recipe has nothing surprising but looks goodSmile

The Foodist

Andrew Knowlton on the world’s best airport food, Nordic candy bars, and his ultimate kitchen souvenir.Wink

Not a big fan of this writer but I can relate to the Norwegian snack article. When I travel there are three things I typically do. I look for an interesting can of coke if different from the norm. I pop into a McDonald’s to see what they have different on the menu. Lastly, the cruise the candy bar isle to see what treats are favorites locally. It is amazing how many kit kat varieties there actually are in the world.


Fast, Easy, Fresh

Covered in our recipe review. Some possible picks.Smile

Good Health

At a resort in Texas, “spa food” means satisfaction, not sacrifice. -by Sarah Z. Wexler
Covered in our recipe review. Article did not grab my attention.Undecided

The Party

The perfect no-hassle, any-occasion brunch menu from NYC’s Joseph Leonard.
A good spread with some recipes worth exploring. The skillet hash browns picture looked great for a basic recipe.Tongue Out

Prep School

Mix-and-match liquor infusions, foolproof flaky pie crust, and more.
Helpful hints.Smile

R.S.V.P. -Reader requests and editor favorites.

A favorite section of mine. It has the griddle cakes recipe from the cover. Some other great recipe picks here.Tongue Out

The Obsessivore

Globetrotter Adam Sachs pens a love letter to hotel bars.
Only if you have nothing else to read on a plane.Frown


Montreal’s Boulevard Saint-Laurent is a food traveler’s promenade.-By Adam Leith Gollner
Montreal deserves betterFrown

The Seasonal Cooks

Scattering chives on just about everything. -By Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer
If you like chives and want to know more this article is well done. I would never have thought of picking stems of chives with the flowers on top and putting them in a glass in the kitchen. A must try this year. June is around the corner and chives will be in bloom.Smile

Back of the Napkin

Iron Man 3’s Ben Kingsley on the best little bistro in Morocco.-By Mickey Rapkin
Not worth the paper.Frown

That is it for this review

Read the magazine.

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