The Jade Lounge Review – Portland, Oregon

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The jade Lounge is Green

The Jade Lounge

Our travels in SE Portland have brought us to SE Ankney St and the Jade Lounge. It is still early in the evening for any real night life but as we near the entrance we can hear an indie rock band playing. Three band members are squeezed into the front corner providing music for a small crowd. True to its name as we enter we notice the Jade colors in the establishment (everything is green). It is an atmosphere where one could relax with a drink and talk about how to cure the ailments of the world. The color green is supposed to relax us right. The only thing missing are some expected Hookah pipes on the tables.

Jade Lounge Music
The music is a bit loud at first, but eventually they lower the volume as we look at the Thai based menu for our dinner. We order two plates of coconut lime chicken and Alison ordered a Tofu and Vegetable Curry. The service for our table was fine but you can see that they are understaffed which appears to be a common thread in other reviews of the Jade Lounge. The food arrives within a reasonable time. The coconut chicken has a nice aroma but the presentation is lack luster. It looks like a lime green mound on some rice with no thought of the plating. There are ways this could be presented better with some slice cucumbers, lime wedges etc… The flavor however is good with the chili pepper adding heat that is lasting but pleasant.

Overall the experience at the Jade Lounge was a good one. We were hungry and they provided food that was satisfying and a comfortable environment. We would return perhaps for a happy hour again. The youthful neighborhood must really enjoy this gem.

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