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Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer

Our Krups deep fryer appears to be headed to the recycling bin. After many, many years of excellent service something broke and the back connection was falling off etc… Of course my first question was do we really need a deep fat fryer. Fatty foods should not be on the top of the list of things to be eating. However, fresh cut french fries with sea salt are amazing and the list continued in my head. It is all about moderation right. So the decision to buy one or not was made. I will replace it at some point but no rush. My challenge is what will be the replacement.

The picture above is a new Krups model offered by Williams-Sonoma here in the US. It comes at a very steep price but lots of 5 star reviews. Cooks illustrated reviewed 5 fryers in 2009 and gave the Waring Pro Professional Digital Deep Fryer a positive with some recommendations. It is a lot cheaper than the Krups. However, I have had some issues with quality with Waring Pro and their waffle irons. Some comments on the web have said that it does not reach 375 which you clearly need for crisp fries. The new Krups reviews raved about it reaching the target temperatures and fast recovery times. Temperature was where almost all others failed when tested by Cooks Illustrated.

I will probably make a decision in the next month or so. I have to say that the Krups served me well and the new unit is a larger professional unit. Of course my original unit was probably made in Germany or the US. I am trying to find out if this product is made in China. Interesting fact for those buying Krups products in the US – they are almost all made in China. Buy a Krups product in any other country worldwide and it is probably was made in Germany to higher standards. Krups as with many other manufacturers has decided that Americans don’t care about quality only price. The US product line is outsourced to some no name plant in China. I can understand their challenge in the US market but I wish we had a choice.

Any recommendations are welcome.

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Comments (3)

  1. posted by Heather Lee on June 30, 2010

    I almost thought you had made doughnuts without me and got really upset. Glad it isn’t true. You need a deep fryer, point blank.

  2. posted by Elaine on May 2, 2013

    Have you replaced it with a Williams Sonoma or another brand?

  3. posted by admin on May 4, 2013

    We replaced the old one with the Krups pictured in this post. After two years of use, it has performed well. I rarely found the timer was that useful and question if it is that accurate but outside of that this unit performs very well.


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