Help for the busy entertaining season.

By : | 0 Comments | On : December 20, 2009 | Category : Tips

I always found that at this time of year I was always planning ahead. Therefore I tried to do ahead and freeze, especially if I was working. For appetizers: make ahead and freeze on cookie trays, then place in a sealed plastic bags and bake as needed. Also if entertaining for dinners and making some entrees or casseroles, I would line the serving/baking dish with double foil, get the entree/casserole ready to go,then freeze it. When frozen remove the entree/casserole from dish, wrap in plastic and /or place in a large sealed plastic bag. Now your container is free so you make a different one entree for another time. This worked well for me whether I was feeding the family or entertaining. It works for some desserts as well.

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