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Seven Deadly Sins Dinner Party

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Planning for this Halloween themed dinner party was a riot.  I thought that coordinating 7 people to wear a different costume, each representing one of the deadly sins would be tough.  The fact that it was not is a testimony to how fabulously enthusiastic the group was that assembled this... more

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Lust Inducer Cocktail

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A home-made cocktail that was created for a “Seven Deadly Sins Dinner Party”.  The cocktail ...

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Pink and Red Valentine”s Day Dinner

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It would either be a tacky, nasty mushy mess where all the courses looked the ...

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Magenta’s Rocky Horror Dinner Menu (Halloween)

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ROCKY HORROR DINNER MENU AND RECIPES Watching the 1975 B-movie classic, The Rocky Horror Picture ...

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Watermelon Fizz Cocktail

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A simple yet refreshing watermelon cocktail for those hot summer days. If you like ...

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