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More on Herbs

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It is funny, in reading the original “Three Meals a Day”; Jessie Read continually refers to the use of dried herbs in most recipes.  As Heather as pointed out in other posts, “times they are a changin’ !”…Now we have fresh herbs sold year round in grocery stores or we... more

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Grill Wipes

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When you are preparing your grill for direct cooking it is preferable to wipe the grill with oil to prevent food from sticking . I used to use  a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil for this, but I have found a more convenient way. I now buy Original disposable... more

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Uses for Ice Cube Trays

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With the invention of the ice maker refrigerator, the ice cube tray often ends up at garage sales or in the trash. I had many but I found many uses for them. They measure approximately 1 tablespoon. I make cubes of the following items for use later: Lemon Juice, applesauce,... more

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Silicone Baking Mats ( Silpat )

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I was an early adopter to using silicon baking mats. It saved me a lot of effort on cleanup and no more burnt cookies. My challenge has always been storing our 4 mats. They just flop around in a mess with the other baking items in the cabinet. A tip... more

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Stable Whipped Cream

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Over the holidays I was asked how to keep whipped cream from weeping when it is prepared ahead. I had encountered this same problem in my past and recall sharing my solution before. I am not sure where I learned this, but here is the recipe for Stable Whipped Cream more

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