Italy in June -The Beginning

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Before we start let it be known that this will be Series 1 of a two part Series. Stuart and Elaine will travel Italy for two weeks in June followed by my brother Jay’s travels to Italy in July. Enjoy.

June 11, 2011

Our journey to Italy has begun and we can’t wait to enjoy the history and food. Leaving our home base on the largest passenger airplane in the world was a great start. The plane is massive with two decks and almost 600 passenger capacity. It was amazing to watch this take off into a slow climb but defy gravity and get us to Paris France.


After some hurdles we arrived in Rome without luggage and decided we would wait for it to arrive on the next plane. Next stop was something to eat, but we were at the airport. We decided on some light fare from the airport MyChef (deli) passing by the McDonald’s nearby, although this was not our plan for our first taste of food in Italy.

We ordered a sandwich that was snatched so fast out of the bin and slapped onto a sandwich grill press that as my hand raised to say wrong sandwich it was too late. Somewhere between my English, their Italian, and the pointing to the sign in the bin the translation did not work. Is this how it is going to be on the whole trip? I order beef and I get octopus, heaven forbid.

Sandwich delivered, my wife Elaine and I began to reflect on how fresh and basic the sandwich was compared to the US. This was a baguette type sandwich with prosciutto, cheese and some rocket lettuce in it but delicious all the same. Granted sandwich shops have gotten better at home but this simplicity flourished throughout Italy and most of Europe. It was a refreshing beginning to our adventures into Italy albeit with Airport food.

Our host for our first 7 nights in Paciano, Umbria, near the Tuscany border, thankfully had a true Italian meal waiting for us. Not overly heavy but a suitable meal to finish the day and get ready for our adventures tomorrow where we would start off with a visit to a market. Our first meal comprised of caprese salad, melon wrapped in prosciutto, hearty bread with real Parmesan and a hint of garlic and herbs followed by a wine infused pasta with olive oil and herbs. Perfecto! Of course the olive oil was local from the trees that surrounded the medieval town we were staying in. Sorry no food pictures….too tired to pull out the camera. Ciao!

Next: Elaine meets her first Italian Pizza

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